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Lone Star Legacy, by Fred Stone     Used here with permission.

“Speed is speed, whether on the track, in the arena or on the ranch.”
Mike Blackmon, M & M Quarter Horses


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"I have thought that to breed a horse is to share with God in one of His mysteries, as well as one of His delights."

 ~Tom Lea, The Hands of Cantu


M&M Quarter Horses have, for three decades, selectively bred the American Quarter Horse for specific physical and mental characteristics.   We believe in the power of the gene pool. 


We breed first and foremost for an intelligent mind, for without it little can be learned.   


Secondly, we breed  for conformation, for without it little can be accomplished. 


Third we breed for a competitive spirit for the will to win cannot be taught.


We throw in speed, athletic ability and looks as a bonus.

For as long as horses have been used for work or play, speed has been their most prized characteristic.  The history of the American Quarter Horse is full of great ranch-bred horses that could, on Sunday afternoon, outrun everybody in four counties.  Just a few of the many Quarter Horses we typically think of as ranch-bred or working horses, but who were also great runners with blinding speed, include Joe Hancock, Leo, Hard Twist, Driftwood, and Peter McCue.  The significant influence by Thoroughbreds on today’s running and performing Quarter Horse is also well documented.  Names like Three Bars, Top Deck, Depth Charge, Joe Blair, Chicaro, and Piggin String can be found in the bloodlines of most of today’s performance champions.  The painting at the top of this page, Lone Star Legacy, to us represents the tradition and history of the great horses belonging to this breed, and symbolizes our goal of producing horses that excel in a variety of disciplines. 

One of the advantages of  selective breeding is that, over time, one can obtain the "ideal" for their particular interests.  At M&M Quarter Horses, we are proud to say that we have accomplished our goal of combining beauty, conformation, and speed into one package.  Our years of hard work may as well be used to your advantage!  We are also proud members of The AQHA Breeder Referral Program.

If you are looking for a barrel, pole bending, show, or any competitive speed event horse that has the combination of a good mind, correct conformation, spirit, speed, and ability, please contact us to learn how our horses can satisfy your needs.  We have horses for sale ranging from weanlings to 2 year olds, and offer our outstanding stallions to the public for breeding as well.  Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone to see how we can help you achieve your goals.






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2739 South Robinson Drive
Robinson, Texas  76706
Inquiries to:  Mike & Laura Blackmon
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AQHA Breeder Referral Program
Proud members of the AQHA Breeder Referral Program

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